Accu-chek Glucometer Review

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This complete pack provides everything you need to start testing blood glucose levels. The Accucheck Compact Plus has a built-in strip drum dispenser that dispenses test strips automatically. The finger pricker provides multi-settings to draw the tiniest amount of blood for virtually pain-free testing.

Key features of the Accu-Chek Compact Plus Meter include:

No strip handling
The Accu-Chek Compact uses a pre-loaded 17- test strip drum, to save you the pain of struggling with vials and test Strips each time.

The least-painful lancet device.
The ACCU-CHEK Softclix lancet device that comes with your Accucheck Compact Plus Meter is the only one that won’t tear your skin by wiggling from side to side.

Fast and accurate results.
Save time testing — results appear in 8 seconds.

Small sample size
1.5 microliter

Easy calibration
The strips automatically code the meter with the batch information, so you don’t have to set anything when you put a new drum in.

7-day averaging with memory.
100-value memory with time, date, and averaging.

PC download facility
You can download the readings from the meter’s memory directly into your PC, and show the data as graphs and charts. This gives a much better indication of how your blood glucose levels change over time, by giving you an hourly, daily, or monthly picture. The software and cable are only available directly from Roche Diagnostics

Measures in mmol/L only
It’s easy to convert readings between mmol/L to mg/dl