Ascensia Contour

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Ascensia Contour

Ascensia Contour

Ascensia Contour Tester #1: I just got my contour in the mail. I’ve used it twice so far and loved it! The strips sucks the blood in very fast compared to other meter’s strips I’ve used in the past. It seems quite accurate, which I’m very happy about. I love the advanced features such as post and pre-meal testing markers and the alarm feature. This meter is much faster than other meters I’ve used. I’m a customer of bayer meters for life.

Ascensia Contour Tester #2: There are many blood glucose monitors on the market and you need to decide which one is best for you. Learning about the different features of these monitors will help you make the best decision. Bayer’s Ascensia Contour monitor is very easy to use. For those people who do not wish to have excessive options and buttons and want an easy to handle meter this may be the one for you.

Ascensia Contour Tester #3: We received the Ascensia contour 9545B from our doctor after learing that my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Since neither he nor I had any exprience with blucose monitoring equipment it was vital that we found one that was easy to use and gave accurate results. This monitor is fantastic! The Contour is small and lightweight so that we can easily take it with us. The information on the screen is large and easy to read. The test time is only 5 seconds so results are back almost immediately. The monitor automatically stores your information from past tests. It also keeps track of pre, post meal numbers and an alarm can be set to remind you that it is time to check your blood sugar. This monitor has been an invaluable tool in keeping up with his numbers so that we can treat it accordingly. I would recommend the Contour to anyone.

Here are some of the features offered:

  • No coding
  • 5 second results
  • Alternative site testing
  • Tiny blood sample (0.6 micro liters)
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Simple to use
  • 7, 14 and 30 day averages
  • Accuracy
  • Ability to download your results to your computer so you can envision patterns in your blood glucose readings – an important aspect for diabetes care
  • Easy flip-top bottle for test strip freshness and simple use